North Carolina Wisdom…

This sign is posted on the first lookout point on the way up to Chimney Rock. I think it’s all around good advice for going through life πŸ˜‰

It has been a really busy week. I’m typing this right now from the covered courtyard of the Biltmore Estate. I’ve seen the house on a previous visit to NC before and decided to take the time to catch up on my writing and reading. Rupert, Meredith and GG are all touring the house and Cedric is off walking Charlie through the grounds. Personally, I am a sissy and waiting for the rain to clear a bit before I venture out from under the roof!

We’ve been to the above mentioned Chimney Rock and waited out a rainstorm under the overhanging rock. We’ve been to the summit of Mount Mitchell and hiked the Deep Gap trail. We’ve crossed the border down to Georgia and practiced our bellyflopping, diving and cannonballing off the bow of a pontoon boat in Lake Chatuge. We’ve been to Asheville and toured their Pinball Museum, A-SHE-ville Women’s museum and breweries. In between, we have consumed serious pots of drip coffee and I think 4 dozen eggs. Oh, and the local Pizza Hut hasn’t made so many orders of Pizza Sticks in years.

Tonight I will cook Indonesian food since it is our Last Supper πŸ˜‰ Nothing like sending everyone off with a belly full of exotic spices!


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