Oops, 2 weeks of silence…

I knew that I felt a little busy but I didn’t realize until I looked at the last time that I wrote two weeks have flown by! It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the US so I hope that you are all where you want to be, surrounded by people you love and in places that make you happy!

As for me, two of my interns are finishing their time with my team on the 30th so on Monday night, all four of them are coming to my house for dinner. It’s going to be a Thanksgiving dinner, American style (vegan). I need to get one extra chair since I only have 5 in total. I am looking forward to it, I will start cooking tomorrow since it looks like it is going to rain all day.

This past week, I’ve been to a few cities in the Netherlands with my team and other volunteers, collecting wish lists for the giving tree and cooking and eating with the adults. On Tuesday, when we were in the far north, we were at an organization that has among another things, group homes. It struck really close to home and as I was running around the kitchen, answering questions from the young women who live there, I realized that I knew this space and it is time to open the doors again. There’s alot I can do to be a safe place for a young person on their way to adulthood.

Thursday night, we were in the south and at a refugee center. This time, I was a magnet for bodily fluids. One little girl wanted to be picked up and when I did, she started hitting me. So I held her hand and said “Niet doen” (don’t do that) and she responded by peeing all over me. Then after dinner was served, a little boy came running to me, grabbed my hands and then threw up all over them, two tremendous geysers. Yup… seems like the universe reconfirming for me that I am much more successful in relating to older children! πŸ˜‰

Marianne came to dinner last Friday night and we had a nice evening catching up. A bit of peace and conversation before the holiday madness starts!

In the meantime, I am practicing my banjo since I have to perform before my class. I don’t think any of them know what a banjo should sound like so I should be okay. Even though Paul said I should consider a plan B πŸ˜‰

Oh boy, it started raining again. It sounds like it is raining in the house. Even the boys lifted their heads up to check from their post dinner nap. We went on a walk today and they were disappointed when we stopped at the pet store to get their food that they did not get a treat. While we were there, a very needy customer was chasing the owner around with his questions and he got sidetracked. Normally, the boys can always count on him for a treat. Don’t worry about them, they have plenty of cookies at home!

Lastly, GG and I went and picked up the Rollins painting from Sound Garden last night. It fit into the rental van and we delivered to the original painter for a little restoration. While we were leaving with it, various people tried to stop us which was super irritating since it was full and the painting is easily 6 ft x 6 ft. I got pretty Amsterdamse back – not mean but more like “butt out of my business, go run it by the owner – he’s okay with it” – surprised me a bit, because usually I am not that abrupt πŸ˜‰

The painter is a reasonably well known Dutch tattoo artist and one of the most interesting people I have met in a while. I am super honored to have a piece of his art in my house and more so because I have met the creator.

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