Latest from the Crazy Train…

It seems this week that when I try to describe my ideas to people, I often find somewhere to place the invitation for them to join me on the crazy train, all aboard. It seems like a good metaphor for me to work with. I don’t know the route that the train will take but I do know where I want to end up. Hence, only the train is crazy and not necessarily the passengers or conductor 😉

Of course, this week has been a week where I ask more questions then normal, especially given the thoughts of Mom. I have spent more time than usual thinking about Mom, her impact on my life, my responsibilities and what kind of values do I really hold and why. You know my mom was definitely a big dreamer,  no worries about the practical (that’s what her daughter was for), no obvious regard for what other people thought she should be and do.

So, where am I going with this? Well, yesterday we went to Delft to look at a house that we were very interested in. On the way there, I was nervous because I really do not want to have to make a choice between Delft or Schiedam but would if it meant the right house at the right price and at the right moment to move (sooner rather than later). Also, Wednesday morning, a big wreck of a house in Schiedam came on the market. Fortunately, the house in Delft, while in an amazing location, was definitely not the right house, especially for GG. We brought Sabine with us since the last time we were in Delft, we made an offer without her being there because the market was so fast.

Sometimes I think we must be Sabine’s most difficult clients. I told her yesterday over the coffee that we had afterwards that she could always fire us as clients, it wouldn’t change our friendship. Secretly, I think she likes the crazy train 😉 So, I convinced everyone to go to Schiedam and walk around the area where the new potential wreck is – henceforth known as #8. Off we went for an exploration.

What to say? It’s awesome. It’s two buildings, one a house and the other a warehouse – currently serving as Hotel Pigeon to judge by the broken windows and the traffic flying in and out. Between these two buildings is an enclosed garden of 1600 sq feet. I know, for those of you reading from the US, you are like “That’s all?” For the Netherlands, that’s bigger than alot of houses! There’s an enormous tree right on the property line which also is super appealing.

The front house, from the outside, is in a serious state of disrepair. It dates to 1800 and over the centuries has also served home to the Roman Catholic library. You know where I am going with this, don’t you? 🙂 We are really trying to get an appointment to see it, it’s still occupied as Sabine learned when she peeked in the windows! The barman from the cafe three doors down said that we definitely didn’t want to get started with that building, given the repairs it needs. He also told us we should go to the library across the street and from the second floor windows we would be able to see over to the roof of the house. Handy tip. We ran into him later at the wine bar down the street.

While we were sitting in the first cafe, GG got a call from the listing agent’s office who was trying to figure out if we were serious viewers or if we would be easily shocked and just lookieloos. Her telling them that we were actually sitting three doors down from the building kind of convinced them that we are definitely serious about seeing it. Well, I am anyway. Sabine can’t control her curiousity about it and plus she never thought we would show her a bigger project than the first one in Schiedam. I have a feeling that #8 is going to blow that one out of the water!

I feel like there’s a reason that this one is now on the market and why it keeps calling me – even if common sense says I should hang up the phone! I feel the influence of Mom, with her whole “leave the practical details to someone else, I will concentrate on the idea”. Of course, there’s nothing to say that I can’t do both…

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