Technical difficulties…

Okay, if you texted me yesterday and you got a strange response… you had the right number, I just had tremendous difficulty with the speech to text functionality funneled through the rental car’s Bluetooth system. I don’t know who you were but I apologize for the silliness. I learned later from someone else that the car’s system eats texts and doesn’t really send them anywhere. So much for my technical skills 😉

Today was really beautiful weather, checkout with the tenants was a little overwhelming. In part because of the act of walking through the house with the check out list and in part because they have kind of weird group dynamic right now. Their happy collective is less than happy. Everyone was on their best behavior but the undercurrents were something fierce. There were a few fun surprises, like mysterious frozen food packages and things left in random drawers. However, the house was in good shape and I was left again with the impression of what a beautiful space it is, especially the original fir floors.

When the week begins, it will be a flurry of tasks, like getting a painter in, a yard service and carpet cleaning. All details that can be taken care of, hopefully before I leave again. I am doing very well with not expecting people to respond over a weekend. See, living in the Netherlands has taught me a respect for work-life balance.

I saw my good friend Mark yesterday. We only had an hour for lunch since he is as busy as always but it was so good to see him. I learned more about being emotionally aware and who I am during the time Raven and I would go and see Mark. Somewhere along the way, it turned it into friendship. Probably because I have always had this feeling that if I were a man, I would be like Mark. During this trip, I have really tried to give all of the emotions their place in the sun, recognizing that the easiest way not to get freaked out is by letting them out. That feels good, like freedom.

For dinner, Sibelle and I went for Vietnamese and spent 20 minutes eating (their kitchen is fast) and two hours taking up table space and talking. One of the things I am most grateful for is that I have the room and the people who like to talk about ideas and concepts. I learn and learn some more.

I think that what the people in my life share is the intensity of who they are. I can drop in out of the sky and we connect again, as if there was no distance or time intervals. It is as if it were yesterday that we last saw each other. I don’t take that for granted. It makes me feel anchored, as if there are places that I clearly belong and people to whom I belong. I like that.

This afternoon, I went to Ballard and picked up the mail. There were still pieces of mail addressed to my Mom’s various aliases. She used to sign up for mailing lists at events as Dr.  By doing this, she was able to track what was paper spam. Sure enough, there is still mail coming to the Dr. I went to Golden Gardens afterwards and sat in the sun, looking out over the water and thinking of the times that we had walked there, talking at record speed. Driving through my old neighborhood, I realized that Ballard still feels like home to me, in the sense that is where my heart would be in Seattle. I think you can have more than one home. It is a feeling that you take with you, like memories.

I don’t know where I will spend the rest of my life, but I do know that I will always be able to find my way home, for it is within me.

Speaking of home, you know that my primary task here is to be the tortilla courier. There are so many PCC stores now (my favorite local grocery) and I still ended up going to the small one at Green Lake to stock up on tortillas. I did leave three packages for other people but the other 12 are currently in the freezer here in my hotel room. That store hasn’t changed at all. I could still tell people that horseradish was in the chilled section next to the pickles and I did. Funny how the little details stick with you. I think I have to be done shopping now because otherwise I will be running into overweight suitcases.

One thing I do not miss is the traffic. Even on a Saturday, the traffic here is MISERABLE. No matter which way you go, you will end up with it taking way longer than you want it to or planned for. I plan a standard hour to go 15 miles. The cars are so big here! I have a compact and it’s bigger than Astrid. In the Netherlands, it would be a full size for sure!

Tomorrow is Easter. This means that on Monday, I will go and buy up all the special M&M’s that GG wants at a discount. She would like one pack of all the different kinds, particularly the Neapolitan – which just sounds disgusting. However, it’s a relatively small souvenir and I am now Dutch enough to not want to pay full price for them 😉

I bought a book yesterday, well, more than one. However, I am currently reading The Other Alcott. I couldn’t resist because Louisa May Alcott remains one of my all time favorite writers and I am instantly drawn to anything about her. I am halfway through it and reading a book again, instead of on a Kindle is such a lovely, guilty pleasure. If we ever end up moving to a bigger house, I am looking forward to having all my books out of storage and free for the reading. I’d quite like to have a room that served only as a library 🙂

And before I forget, today is Little C’s birthday. She tries every year to get away with no one catching her to celebrate it. I’m going to fix that. 🙂

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