I feel glorious…

singing along to Macklemore. Last night, we saw him live! It was a great concert and coincidentally, it fell officially on the 2 year marker. Hard to believe, but I have managed to fool GG for 2 years already about what a great catch the pets and I are 😉

I am sneaking a quick coffee and shake my head lose from learning SQL break at the data science school this morning to type this entry. Coming here three full days a week and helping 24 women learn while I am also trying to get my brains around the content I am supposed to be coaching on has kept me busy. This morning I needed to fire off some tough love about getting stuck in perfectionism. These women are so talented and sometimes they need help seeing that if you get the query to run and return the right results, that’s more important than 100% on the test.  I know this kind of message matters because otherwise they will spend the week thinking they cannot learn this complicated stuff. Not only can they but they already are!

I had a nice long brunch with Marianne on Saturday afternoon. Our conversation was so full of good stuff, we went all the way through until it was time to have a cocktail. I came away recharged and full of extra ideas. I am hoping that next time we will have warm weather and sit in the sun with big sunglasses and floppy hats. 🙂

Saturday night was host the meetup night. It was a good evening, more newcomers and interesting connections.

Oh, I almost forgot (not really) but we have a house… we heard Friday afternoon that we were the lucky winners. We still have to sign the paperwork to buy – this is a country that still has a paper process for this and that you have to go into a lawyer’s office. However, we have an accepted offer. We’re going to Schiedam 🙂 not until the end of September or so.

For now, homeviewers, the housing search is over – we hope. However, stay tune for our next season when we debate the advantages of various camping houses for the summer season. That promises to be an entire new process and adventure

1 thought on “I feel glorious…

  1. So fabulous about the new house! Is it the one in the previous entry? Fun outdoor space. Let us know when your ready for houseguests. Hugs

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