Not quite finished

This month, the final capstone project needs to be completed as the last step of for the certification. Well, I was doing okay until yesterday when my computer went into a spasm and I ended up having to go to the office to have it wiped. *sigh* and on it was all my progress to date. That means start-over time. Back to square one.

The project is due by the 27th so the clock is ticking. The model I submitted today was already 200 lines longer than it should have been. I will refine it and resubmit it. The fun part is that you can submit it three times a day 😉

Tomorrow, I am off to the lawyers and to sign my official articles of incorporation! After I sign, they will register the company and I will have a secondary identity 🙂 I am excited and I have been talking to many interesting people about their ideas.

I can’t wait to start! It still feels a little strange to be leaving. It feels very weird to see all of these plans going on for the new fiscal year that I am not included in – and yet very clearly build on the work that I did this year and the partnerships I created. I think not admitting how this makes me feel only makes it more toxic.

So, yeah, it sucks that people take your ideas and work and use it as their own. But on the other hand, maybe I need to look at as they had some practical inspiration necessary in order to make any steps on their own 😉

Working on the whole visa question as well. I failed the employment portfolio… because I used too much internet and not enough old school employment forms. *rolling my eyes* last week, I took the exam on social and cultural norms. I checked the results just now and I did pass that exam. Now I have to figure out if I really want to find somewhere that still uses employment forms. A big part of me says “Beat it, nerds! I have better things to do with my time!”

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