With a splash…

I received notice this morning that we have been listed in the Room of Commerce. That all sounds very Harry Potteresque!

Yesterday morning, I had my first horse coaching session. Not for riding but for developing some talents that I think I will need to be successful in this next venture. Let me see if I can explain it properly. You are inside a ring with horse. You have some tasks to work on with the horse. In the mean time, the coach is asking you questions and directly providing feedback on the horse’s reaction to your answers. It is intense. It’s also very confronting – there’s not really any room to hide because the horse is mirroring your actions.

I was exhausted by the time I came out and I think Wub the Wonder Horse was too 😉 But I got some answers and some ways to develop. You know that I am all in favor of tools and action so this was a big win for me!

Thanks to Wub, I was also able to make the connection that the reason my feelings are so hurt by the current experience that I am having with my soon to be former co-workers is that it brings up all of the feelings Little Me had growing up every time we would move and I would need to start all over again. Maybe that’s obvious to someone else, but I clearly had never associated the two. I always look at the moving as an only positive thing. Knowing that I still have a Little Me running around in my head makes a huge difference in how I examine what I feel now.

After our hard mental work, I got to spend time grooming and walking the different horses while Wub went to chill out. Yes, true, the added incentive of wanting to do a few more sessions is definitely the time spend with the horses 🙂 . Most people work up to the ring but I am bit of an Action Jackson and I wanted to start right away. The coach agreed to take me on for three more sessions to work on this particular project, the theme being Compassion and Empathy.

Besides that, bit of warm weather wave here. The boys are doing the long dog stretch out on the coolest surfaces they can find. I think we may soon have to resort to buying a fan.

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