And we’re done…

Well, for a few days anyway. This afternoon I turned in my final version of my Capstone project. One of our participants needed some help and I invited her over. We sat in the garden under the parasol because it was way too hot! We walked through all of her models and got to a reporting point 😉

After we finished that, I decided to go ahead and submit my final project. NO more finetuning or overthinking or comparing it to someone else. Just click Upload and let go. Wednesday is the deadline for turning them in and then you have to peer review three other reports by Sunday. Since there are 465 people world wide doing this capstone project, the chance is probably pretty high that you will peer review people you don’t know. The grading guidelines recommend that you grade on the side of generosity since for many people, English is not their first language and it is not the point to grade spelling, grammar, etc.

Feels good and kind of scary all at the same time. No more things to fiddle with. It also means that this is the end of my work responsibilities. Wow, that’s going to take a moment to land. Or maybe several moments.

We’re going to the US in November, to have another sibling roadtrip. We booked the tickets tonight. I’m going to have to find a new housesitter because by then we will have moved to the new house. That’s making me a little antsy. I am sure I will find someone. It’s just one of those details that makes me realize that moving to Schiedam really means building a life up again. That’s not a bad thing per se, I need change every few years.

On the back end of the sibling roadtrip, we’re going to swing through DC. I’m going to spend some time with my dad and GG is going to see some old friends of her’s. I did check in with her and ask if I wasn’t planning too many things into the schedule 😉 you know, that American travel mindset/checklist takes over quickly!

It was a good weekend. Too hot to walk very long with the boys since they can’t sweat but maybe it is time to get a kiddie pool for them. Here’s George today, practicing heat management. George new cover

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