Introducing Olive…

OliveMy brother, Pickle, tends to create the most ruckus. He’s a bit of a sourpuss, hence his name. He’s also the runt so he feels the need to call attention to himself, ALOT. Me? I’m a little more subtle. I prefer to let the masses come to me.

For example, I’ve already figured it out. The white and brown one, he’s great as a pillow. He doesn’t care if you climb all over him or hang on him. He just lets out a big chuff and what do you know, it’s a heated Cat Observation Post! The other one, that’s taller, he runs after me all the time. I keep telling him, “I am here for the free snacks, not to network”. Doesn’t stop him from trying through.

Oh, and as for those really big scary monsters, I have them totally under my spell. I didn’t even get in trouble for running around inside this cabinet that has alot of breakable stuff in it.

Stay tuned to see what my brother and I get up to next! 😉

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