Our turn for Covid

It’s sunny outside and the temperature says it is 44 degrees with a real feel of 34. It’s the first Sunday of the month, which means the stores in the “village”are open. But that’s not for us this week as we are experiencing Covid.

It wasn’t until the third test on Friday that we were able to confirm that we had it rather than a cold. On Tuesday I started to feel like I had the onset of a cold, which would be weird since I was already sick in December. I’m fortunate to have an immune system that fights off most things so some years I skip even an annual case of the flu. I shrugged it off and went about my business. I selftested when I got home, nothing. Same for GG.

Wednesday I woke up with one of those cold voices and congestion. Nothing to it, just focus and get on with your day. By Thursday, GG was sick. And despite another round of self tests, we were both negative.

Friday we did round three after GG went to get a professional test at the health department. Suddenly, within minutes, there was a second dark line. No, it wasn’t pregnancy, it was Covid. Bah.

Like responsible adults, we cancelled everything we had planned in person for the next week. We ordered groceries – which we never do because I have this weird belief that as long as our legs are working, we can get ourselves to the store. We made plans to stay as isolated as possible. We notified everyone that we had been in contact with over the past week.

Technically you are not even supposed to walk your dogs but I don’t have another option. I can’t trust the cats to walk the dogs. I walk the dogs in the direction that we are the least likely to encounter other people. I am trying to keep them to their routine as much as possible which is why we just went out for a walk and I know how cold it feels!

It feels weird to have Covid. I am quite certain I have an extremely mild case. I was surprised by how each day seems to have a different symptom phase. My least favorite one was the muscle and joint pain. GG is a day behind me in terms of symptoms which is why I am downstairs typing and she is camped on the couch.

The whole mental puzzle of wondering how you got it and when is a first for me. I start wondering when did I put myself at risk and did I put anyone else at risk? It’s my first experience of being conscious of being an infector.

I’m looking forward to coffee tasting normally again. Right now, it’s still a little off. I realize too that we are fortunate that the case that we have is pretty light. We also have a home to be quaraintined in. Not to mention that if we need to order things, it’s possible.

Stay healthy!

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