Everyone is Alive

Just a quick note to let you know that everyone arrived alive. It was a very long day between leaving for the airport yesterday and arriving this morning. Let’s just say that we experienced plenty of not so helpful people and processes. In the end, it is a good thing that I had a slight case of mildly over preparedness.
We are all here in the hotel and fortified with coffee, good Dutch bread and cat littler thanks to Jo meeting us at Schiphol like our own personal “Welcome to the Netherlands” wagon.

1 thought on “Everyone is Alive

  1. Hi lieve nicht! It’s 15:35h CAT (Central Amsterdam Time) and I’ve been closely watching my Phone, my e-mail and your blog all day long. If everything went well this morning, you are now the proud owner of a set of keys to a fabulous groundfloor apartment in a ssssuper nice area in Amsterdam! Congrats sweetie! Tomorrow Pieter and I will drop by and bring your luggage, litter boxes and a little surprise!
    Big fat Turkish pizza kisses!

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