Ha, I have keys!

I know that it seems slightly strange that I could have any doubts about this move being real but there have been moments that I have wondered if it really was going to happen. And there have been moments when I have asked myself “Do you have any idea what you are doing?” usually accompanied by “What in the hell where you thinking?”. Well, those questions can definitively be put away now because I have not one but two sets of keys in hand for the new apartment. We covered a lot of distance today, both on foot with Henry and George and in terms of life movement. I am not sure when it will all settle in that for the near term, I don’t have to go back on a flight. I don’t have to count down the days and raise the end of trip flag that I normally do when I come to the Netherlands.

Today was the first time Henry and George experienced the tram system. George took to it like an old hand, with his stylish Halloween bandanna around his neck giving him the appearance of dog about town. By the third tram today, he was pushing to get on by himself and didn’t have to be told to get on. Henry, on the other hand, isn’t really that thrilled about being the shortest occupant on the tram. He prefers the trams that have steps inside them so he can sit on the step and raise himself up a level. He also definitely dislikes elevators, whether they are the ones here in short term housing or the big ones like in the Apple store. He braces himself against the floor with all four legs locked like columns. Fortunately, we are going to be living on the ground floor so after tomorrow’s departure, there are less elevators he has to worry about.

This morning, I was having all kinds of American agita about what to do with the dogs while we went to get the keys, etc. And then I started doing some research to see if they were allowed on the trams. It turns out that there are some set rules about where dogs may not go – anywhere that has a posted no dogs sign, major museums and churches. Everywhere else is fair game, subject of course, to the business owner’s preference. This is very different for us, even coming from a dog friendly city like Seattle. So, the boys did about 5 miles today because I spared them the trip to IKEA. I like the idea of them being able to go places. This means that we will have to work on their urban dog qualities – such as not barking just because they are on a leash. For George, it will also include not eating every piece of food you find on the sidewalk. On our pre breakfast walk, he managed to get down half of someone’s discarded sandwich on dark bread before I could get even get my brain wrapped around what he was doing.

I wonder what my Mom would think of her boys living in Amsterdam? I was thinking about that today as we were walking around. I’d like to think she would have enjoyed seeing them here. The cats aren’t really speaking to me yet, but I am working on that. Of course, since we’ll be moving again tomorrow, it will probably start the acclimation/forgive the human clock all over again.

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