There goes the neighborhood

Big points to IKEA for being punctual and delivering the mattress, dishes and other items on time. Minus points for the bed frame not being properly drilled and as such not able to be assembled. Whenever I open an IKEA box, there is always that feeling of dread. It equates to the question of “will all the pieces be here?” and “will all the holes be properly drilled and aligned?” Lately, it seems the answer to that second question is more frequently “No”. I do have a drill. However, it is currently in the shipping container somewhere on a cargo ship. Once Astrid (my much loved old SAAB) gets here, we’ll be making that trip to IKEA to return the bedframe. It is a bit much to navigate on the metro system and the dogs are too small to handle heavy sled dog loads! The ship that Astrid is on is due into Rotterdam on the 8th. Not sure where the furniture is, I think I should probably check into that on Monday.

You see, I am learning. The Netherlands observe the weekend strictly. So I am making the adjustment to not fire off emails and inquiries over the weekend. I wait for working hours. I haven’t given up writing emails in the middle of the night. I am going to use the excuse that all the travel has reset my sleep patterns and so I am gradually adjusting. I think I can probably get away with that one for another week.

Jo and Pieter came down today to deliver the suitcases I left here last time and to loan me their Nespresso maker. You see, now I have it all to sustain myself for weeks of camping without furniture. There’s a mattress, Nespresso, the internet connection and the pets. What else does one really need? We went to a little café for coffee and cake around the corner. The conversation was great but what really struck me is that this time I am not leaving in a week or two. Next time they come down to the neighborhood, we can for Indonesian or beer or Thai or to the kosher deli. I live here now.

Tomorrow, Lawyerella and I will go to a museum. We bought museum cards in April that are good for a whole year. They were 49 euros or close to it, an incredible deal since they work all over the Netherlands. At the time, I had no idea I would be living here, we just figured we would be back to visit my Mom and Oma in the churchyard in Marum. Of course, before we go, it will be time to walk the dogs a lot so that they don’t bark us right to eviction. They have never lived somewhere with people over their heads so the noises are causing Henry to be very alert. And in case you are wondering, the cats are definitely not talking to me. I am pretty sure I saw Lientje giving me the finger when I tried to get her to come out from behind the curtains she was hiding behind. Cats are funny that way.

Fortunate to be here and I can’t quite believe how awesome this apartment is. I really think that you will like visiting here. That’s my goal anyway. I am channeling the Move Goddess and unpacking quickly as opposed to waiting until three years have gone by. Of course, since I am an amateur, I do let myself get sidetracked and walk back and forth 72 times while I put things away. However, that all counts as Fitbit steps so I think I have a pretty good strategy. Tomorrow, if the cats are talking to me, I will bravely venture into my new room and try to put away my clothes. Of course, if they are not speaking to me, it might have to wait another day.

2 thoughts on “There goes the neighborhood

  1. Sorry to hear about the ikea experience but your right I think everybody goes through the same thoughts is everything going to be in the box and am i going to have to go back and get what I need. I kind of laughed when I was reading it as I have been in that situation.

  2. I’m sure the cats will forgive you someday. My Yorkie Oliver gave me the finger for years just because he was cantankerous. At least you have the move to blame! 🙂 Hoping you’ll post pics of your neighborhood soon!

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