Vrijheid is the Dutch word for freedom. Today we took some pretty important steps towards it. We were fortunate to have clear and sunny weather around noon. So, it seemed like a good idea to put the boys in their sweaters and head towards Beatrix Park, around the corner. I have mentioned that the life of the dog here is more free than we are used to. It is very common to see dogs walking unleashed, next to their owner’s bike, etc. Boy, does this type of trust make me envious. I know that the dynamic duo are more fierce and protective when they are on the leash. And i know that no one ever gets better at something without practice. Today I put all three of us to the test.

We went to Beatrix Park. When something is forbidden here, the sign will show the item forbidden with a big red circle around it. Silly me, I thought that meant it was permitted so I took us to an isolated area, thinking to try the boys off leash. Luckily, I prefer to read rules and read just outside the area that dogs are forbidden in the medicinal garden, not permitted. So, the red circles mean “No”. That left us with one choice. Off to the main park, where they were allowed. This is also where there were tons of other walkers, dogs and people going bout their business. And then it was time to take off their leashes and hope that they would be friendly. George right away began scouting up ahead while Henry stayed nearby in case he was needed. They actually did pretty well. It is going to take some time for Henry to stop thinking he has to boldly charge every dog. I think i was more anxious than they were. I don’t want them to get hurt or to hurt another dog.

So we enjoyed ourselves in the park. However, freedom comes with certain responsibilities. Near the end of our walk, we  were along one of the paths that goes near a duck pond. Before i could even think, George goes flying over the small fence and lands with a giant splash in the middle of a group of ducks. While wearing his brand new sweater. To his credit, he came out relatively quickly when he realized he couldn’t swim very well but he was completely soaked and in the cold. No ducks were harmed. Of course he did this with an audience.

We hurried home and he got a shower. At the moment, he smells heavenly and I am watching him closely for sneezing and coughing. Henry is delighted that he escaped a bath. I am pretty sure he told George “neener neener, i don’t have to take a bath and end up smelling like lavender”.

Moortje went outside today too, in the garden. The cats are coming out now so I think everyone is adjusting.

It is cold and rainy tonight. I am going to have to get some gloves. This time of year, my mom would always buy 20 pairs of those gloves at Bartell’s.if she could find them for 3 pairs for $5, she would be thrilled. But she would never wear two matching unless she was going out to Cactus or somewhere fancy. When i was packing up the house, I would find all these single gloves. They are coming with the furniture but that might be a bit long to wait. This week, I think I will head over to the HEMA and find myself the brightest pair I can. 

1 thought on “Vrijheid

  1. Caroline, I’ve caught up on your posts and what a fun read. Even as you sleep I’m guessing poor George is wishing he didn’t have to smell like flowers, haha!

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