I promised to get organized and post some pictures. I started to do that today and I will keep adding as we go along. You can find them here and that is where I will keep adding them.

When she was last here, Jo had the good sense to put two of the garden chairs in the shed to dry out. I decided that today they were dry enough and I have moved them indoors. So, tonight, I actually ate dinner at a table, instead of standing up at the kitchen counter. The table is a green plastic folding table that Jo and Pieter brought me. It really reminds me of my mother. My mom seemed to have this magical attraction for tables. She was always finding them next to someone’s garbage, in Ikea’s dents and dings department and in antique stores. For the longest time, she had this round outdoor plastic table in the same shade of green as her kitchen table. With a table cloth over it, it worked just fine as long as you didn’t put anything in the middle where the hole for the umbrella pole was.

The camping out doesn’t really bother me. As you can see, I obviously come from a line of practical people who make things work. The only reason I wish I had furniture at the moment is so that if people come to visit me, they can be seated comfortably. And I would like to have the dog beds so they have a place to call their own. There is a perfect sunny corner for it in the living room and at the moment, we are using towels and blankets but they have let me know it is not quite up to their standards. Today I had fun vacuuming the wooden floors. George was convinced that the vacuum is some new kind of game that he has to dance around and avoid. Henry and the cats ran towards the Belgian border.

We took a long walk this morning, to the Albert Cuyp market in the neighborhood called De Pijp. It is a great neighborhood, we stayed there in April when we were here for Mom’s service in Marum. It is a very busy neighborhood. It is one I like to visit but I am glad I don’t live in. The Albert Cuyp market is open everyday, except Sunday so it was unusual to actually be able to walk down the street freely. On the way home, I stopped for an olieball from the outdoor baker. You can only get them from fall to New Year and they are delicious. I prefer the old fashioned kind with raisins and currants. Some of the “new” olieballen stands make them with banana and pineapple and all kinds of modern flavors but I like them best old school.

Something I find fun about living here is that I can take my trash and recycling out everyday. There are containers on the street and they are labelled according to what they accept. Not having to wait for once a week service is something I really enjoy. I took pictures of how they empty them. A great big truck comes on Fridays and pulls the whole canister out of the ground and then dumps it in the trash truck. It is super cool to watch. I can recycle paper and glass but not plastic. In the paper this week, Amsterdam is finally moving to collecting plastics for recycling. And today, I found one of the big bins! It’s about four blocks away, going towards De Pijp. You have no idea how happy this made me!!! Now if I could get something for food waste, my garbage needs would be complete!

We took another walk this afternoon along the canal that runs behind the street behind us. Having learned my lesson from yesterday, George stayed firmly on leash. Despite his best efforts to go in, I managed to keep him dry. In the summer it won’t be such a big deal but it is in the mid 40s right now and that’s a bit cold for wet dogs. Probably in an hour or so, we’ll take another walk. I am doing laundry right now and I don’t want to leave while the dryer is running. Can I just tell you how fortunate I feel that our apartment has all of the major appliances? As helpful as George tries to be, I can’t really see him helping me carry a basket to the Laundromat.

I was thinking about why I am writing this blog. The most important reason is that it helps me not to miss you all quite so much because I have the idea that I am still talking to you, regardless of distance. So, thank you for being part of my life and for reading.

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