Wow, I have a good case of food coma. I just walked back from the Indonesian restaurant in the neighborhood and let me just say, it was REALLY good. I had an excellent sate tempeh and a vegetarian nasi rames- which is like a buffet of many tiny dishes on one plate. I thought my mom would approve and it was my way of remembering her today. I didn’t really want to think much about last Thanksgiving, since she had a chemo treatment scheduled for the next day so I decided that I would do something very different cuisine wise today. I do remember her vividly telling the oncologist how much she ate at Thanksgiving and telling him that her four children had all managed to get along, even if they were faking it, which just proved to her that they could. Even then, she still had that feisty spark. Sometimes it is unbelievable how much I miss her. I think it is a pretty accurate metaphor to describe grief as a hole that you can’t measure.

Also, at work, the pension speaker’s first name was Marijke. That was hard to sit through.

All of the boxes and wrapping paper are neatly stacked on the curb, waiting for tomorrow’s collection. Suddenly, there’s so much floor space. The usual Craigslist shenanigans applied with people sending 10 emails back and forth and then not showing up. In the end, it needed to go out because it is a target for small dogs wishing to write pee-mail. Actually, I am not really giving them enough credit. Given how much I have been working outside of the house this week, they have done very well.

The words aren’t really coming tonight so I think I will let them rest.

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