Stormy Weather

like the jazz standard goes, except here in the Netherlands, it is a Code Red day. It has been quite a storm. I am by no means a small woman and the wind was pushing me around. The trains going to the north were stopped because the winds were that high. They were also closing off the dikes. We just managed to make it around the block during a lull before it kicked up again. The boys do not like wind. Of course, when you are that low to the ground, a good gust of wind can easily make you fly especially if you have big ears.
I was going to go out for Surinaams food tonight but in light of the storm, I stayed home and ate leftovers instead. I will try again tomorrow. After reading that there are 178 nationalities represented in Amsterdam, I going to try and find as many different restaurants as I can with cuisines I am not familiar with. This promises to be interesting. Of course, some things just won’t make it on the list like Argentinian steakhouses.
The rain just started again, it is pouring so hard it sounds like hail. Earlier I went out to lock up the shed and make sure that nothing can fly around in the garden and cause damage.
It has been a busy week. Tonight is also Sinterklaas so most people are celebrating it with their families. This is the kind of a bigger deal than Christmas really. This is the day that kids get their gift. Note: I said gift – that’s not a typo. There isn’t a deluge of gifts given because that’s just not done. You also get a stocking.
This week I went to Utrecht for work. I’d like to go there again in the summer. There are canals there from the 12th century or so and in the summer they are all open as terraces. So you are below the street level.
Missing Mom alot right now and having a rough time with other people having their mothers. It is jealousy and sometimes it gets really overwhelming. It will subside a little but right now I am in one of those periods.

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