As in the movie. I watched it tonight. I remember going to see it with my mom in the theater. We saw it at the Seven Gables Theatre in Seattle and really enjoyed it. Usually, my mom and I had somewhat opposite tastes in movies. My mom loved adventure movies. Seriously. And I think her favorite movie of all time was “The Professional” with Jean Reno. We both loved Chocolat. Watching it tonight and looking at how the women were dressed made me realize what a glamour puss my mom was in her youth.  When she worked at the embassy, they took lots of pictures and I have some of them now and she was really striking. It helps me to understand too why when she wanted to dress up, she wanted to look her best – whereas I would tell her “we live in Seattle, where the dress code is fleece, let’s go already”.
I will go to Marum tomorrow, to mark the year. I wanted to bring flowers that can handle the exposure for the next couple of months, so that means bulbs and primroses. I got a pot of furiously pink primoses in an equally pink pot. It is in the pink family that is nearly magenta. It is exactly the color of a vest that I talked Mom into buying for her art photography trip to Rome that she didn’t end up going on. We were at the little outdoor shopping center in West Seattle. They have a Chico’s. It is a store that specializes in clothing for women in the 50 plus demographic who are still pretty active. So, while there are some questionable items, they also have some very nice things. I remember going there with mom about two weeks before her trip departure date and we had a lot of fun. The sales person kept bringing her clothes and we constantly had to resize since my mom picked far bigger sizes than she needed. In the end, she wasn’t going to buy any of it because she wasn’t comfortable spending money on herself. So I bought it all while she was distracted by something in the display window. She never got to wear the vest. I stored it with her other clothes that I wasn’t ready to let go of, like the big parka she wore to the Yukon when we went in February 2012.
I came down with a cold and fever this week. It probably had been in the works for awhile. I’ve been eating lots of soup and drinking teas. And watching some really mindless movies like “Pirates of the Carribean” and “The Three Musketeers”. Those movies were the highlights because I have also ended up watching some horrible movies about mediëval England and the Roman Empire. It seems like Netflix has a glut of movies like that right now and I really have just been looking for mindless distraction from the flu. Of course, if I watch all these movies now, what will I have to look forward to on the airplane on Saturday? Because, let’s face it, they are probably not showing the greatest films ever made either.
It doesn’t seem possible that it has been a year.

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