Disturbed by Netflix

I know that I have been making some questionable movie choices lately. However, I didn’t realize quite how low I must have sunk. I turned Netflix on today and right there in “Top Recommended Movies for you” was “Jersey Girl”. Yep, the one starring J.Lo and Ben Affleck.I think on the barometer of poor taste, that means I rank fairly high. Instead of the Delight that they recommended, I am watching “The English Man who went up a mountain and came down a hill”. I haven’t seen this one before.
Almost finished packing for tomorrow’s fight. For you Seattle readers, you have about another 12 hours to let me know what you want from the Netherlands. For the Dutch readers, you still have a few days to tell me what you want from the Emerald City.
The boys got their stitches out today. And the biopsy of George’s mouth growth came back as nothing at all, not a tumor. We have a really good vet here. Every dog that comes in there is happy to see the doctor. They aren’t necessary happy to be in the waiting room but as soon as they see the vet, they go all goofy and happy. Not just my boys. I would say that’s a vet that has an inner dog. We used to describe my Mom that way too, since all dogs gravitated towards her, no matter where or when. And she also often said that if she could do it all again, she would have four dogs instead of four kids.
Yesterday was a day full of difficult moments and amidst them, a few bright ones. After I spent a long time talking to Mom, as I left the churchyard, for a brief few moments, I felt a lightness.
You know, when I look at Henry and George and see how people oriented they are, I recognize that is the work of my Mom and how she loved them.  And while it was tough love, it was a solid and inescapable love. The same with their eating habits, I continue their meals and intervals and the nighttime tortilla before bed because that was how she treated them. So even if she is not here, I can see her legacy.
That’s it for now, next time I’ll be writing from Seattle.

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