Back on the Train

It is early, just past 7:15 and I am on the way to Ede for the Dutch Testing Conference on the train. The sun is steadily climbing and the weather looks like it is going to be much nicer today than it was yesterday! Of course, yesterday was the day I rode 45 kilometers on Beatrix in the rain, hail and an obnoxious as hell head wind. It would have been fine with either rain or headwind. Well, not fine but more manageable but I couldn’t seem to get that to happen. What matters is that I did it and even though by the time I got home last night I resembled someone who had fallen into a swimming pool, there don’t seem to be any ill effects today. Which is good because I will be walking around the conference all day today speed dating over software testing.
I am sure you are dying to know how Boy George was… I don’t really have enough words to describe how unbelievably fabulous it was! It was 2.5 hours of delight! He had a ten piece band, no fireworks or costume changes. It was just pure music and interaction with the audience. I really enjoyed myself and I sang along as loudly as everyone else. It is funny, he’s 52 now which is 12 years older than me. It doesn’t seem as drastically old as it did when I was 10. The concert hall was full and people were very enthusiastic. Apparently, he’s got some Dutch fans. I was surprised that no one was dressed up in 80s era Boy George. Slightly disappointed as well, I suppose. Of course, I wasn’t either. I dressed for comfort and height so I could see and not be worried if someone spilled beer on me. Didn’t happen either. I just had a great time dancing and singing and being amazed all over again for the range of his voice. He’s going to the states after this, I would recommend going if you get a chance.
We’re just pulling into Utrecht Centraal. No worries, I am not done yet. We have another half hour on the train. It was 55 minutes by train and 52 minutes by car so that was a no brainer.
On Saturday I have been invited to dinner in Den Haag at Anna and Trevor’s. Anna was my relocation person assigned for my move to deal with all the registration tasks and finding an apartment, etc. She was also subject to driving Joanne and I around to look at places and generally our chaperone. She kept us firmly in check when we got overly enthusiastic and I think I can speak for both of us when I say that hanging out with her was lots of fun and full of that very important Dutch concept of gezeligheid. We’ve kept in touch and she came to the house warming party. They invited us to dinner but Jo can’t make it so I am going solo which means I will be 50% better behaved than I am when I am with my cousin 😉 And the boys are coming too because they were invited as well. Here in the Netherlands, there seems to be a two week lead time or longer for invitations. Fortunately, I am only half Dutch so I can work with a much shorter lead time like a Tuesday invitation for Saturday!
I am hoping to see the Titanic exhibition this weekend. It ends in about six weeks so I would like to check it out.
When it gets to be utter crap on Beatrix, I talk myself through by replaying my Mom in my head. She used to talk about how she went on the bike regardless of the weather. There wasn’t another option and I can hear her laughing at the idea that a little rain and headwinds would make someone stop riding the bike. Even when she was sick, she had amazing strength in her legs and the PTs used to comment on it. She would proudly announce that’s because she had spent all those years on the bike. When I was riding home yesterday, in the midst of the rain, across from the runway was a massive rainbow. I kept looking at it until I had to pay attention again to the path because I was wobbling all over the place.
Okay, off to try to get my head in the right space for today. Wish me luck with the speed dating!

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