Another moment

A year ago today, we landed at Schiphol. Tomorrow will be the year marking the day that Mom’s ashes were placed with Oma in Marum. I was there today, on my way back from Groningen and I couldn’t do much more than cry against their marker. I didn’t have words today. Normally, I manage to spend some time talking while I am there but today I just couldn’t stop crying.

I had been in Groningen yesterday for work and since I knew I was going to be in meetings until 9pm, I decided that I would be better off staying in the north and then coming home today so I could go by Marum. I stayed at the mineral springs again and early this morning before checking out I soaked myself and tried to meditate. It is not very handy to meditate in salt water because you keep floating up every time you try to sit properly for meditation. The springs were mostly empty this morning, unless the rush of nude German wellness seekers like last time. Of course, last night I also stopped in at the little cafĂ© to check out how things were going in the town. It was nice to see people again and hear the latest newest. I also had some good strategic discussions about going into business for yourself and what is necessary. Sometimes it surprises me that I know those things considering that I don’t really run my own business.

Tomorrow is Kings Day. Picture orange everywhere. I myself have a smashing orange hat with orange flowers that promises to be very sweaty on my head. I already had orange clothes as a regular part of my wardrobe. I am not going to the centrum to celebrate, that’s a bit too many people for me. It is also the first Kings Day since before Willem Alexander, it was 100 plus years of queens.

I don’t feel much like writing tonight. I am pretty exhausted emotionally. I think I am going to watch some Netflix with the boys. They got a bath today because George smelled like a sushi roll so they both got a bubble bath. And now they smell delightful.

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