Hello Autumn


You know it is chilly when a cat allows a dog to keep them warm. Here’s George, doing his best to keep an eye on things while Moortje (the black lump) is curled up right next to him. And that cat is willing to curl up in a pile of blankets that very distinctly belong to the dogs.

Last night we had some great storms with the full combination of wind, lightning and thunder. The temperature has also dropped to about 50 degrees. The sun is trying to come out right now, which is nice. I have a big mug of tea handy and I am refusing to turn the heat on just yet. I know, it is not like there will be a heat wave over the weekend! I think we have definitely moved into autumn.

Coming home yesterday on the bike, I did my impression of Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin. My bike rain cape is orange and when you wear it, you turn directly into a pumpkin but at least you are visible to everyone for kilometers! After getting home, I discovered that I had a letter from the States. More specifically, from R. You can’t beat a letter that starts out with “I can’t believe I am doing this” meaning writing a letter. It was a really nice surprise and I quickly wrote back and sent it back out with the last mail pickup of the evening.

We’re down to our last pack of tortillas so the boys are hoping we have a guest from the US soon that can bring them a refill. Otherwise, I think I am going to have learn to make them since the ones here are not tortillas. Not sure what they are but tortillas they are not. Their texture is all wrong.

Hope that you are warm and cosy today! Unless of course you are in a tropical location đŸ™‚

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