Falling back finally!

Tonight we go back an hour. Yay! I know it seems strange to look forward to something like that. However, with the dark mornings at 815 still, I am more than ready to have a little more light in the morning. Plus, I always feel like that you are getting something extra with the fall back time change.

Yesterday, it was raining all day. Not a heavy downpour but a steady one which meant that the boys had to get their raincoats on to go to the vet. They weren’t that happy with the idea but since they have very little ground clearance, they had no choice. They checked out okay. While we were there, someone was having to put their companion to sleep in the room next door. I felt so badly for them. And after it was done, I could hear them wrapping up the companion. It wasn’t very comforting.

So, on one side Moortje is sitting in the boys’ blankets watching me type. He would prefer to be sitting on my collarbones but as we have discovered, when he sits there I can’t see anything but cat. Henry and George are on the other side, curled up and not yet snoring.

I have had a good week for movies! Last night, Marianne and I went to see “St. Vincent” which was so great! And on Wednesday night, I saw “Gone Girl” with Renee. What a disturbing film. I was still thinking about it yesterday morning when I woke up.

I may have found a new housesitter. She is coming later this week to meet the herd. And while I am done traveling for the year, it will be good to have the option. I might like to go back to the nuns before the year is out.

Okay, time to let Moortje sit on my collar bones!

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