Is that a banjo I hear?

Or is it just the twang of a lonesome caroler? Be glad that you are not within listening range. In today’s lesson, I learned how to play “Silent Night” on the banjo. But the banjo is not really fully designed for that, so you really just play the harmony and have someone sing along. Without someone singing, it doesn’t sound anything like “Silent Night”. HAH, you could say that with me singing, it doesn’t either! Anyway, I had to learn to today to pitch my voice to my banjo, which was a very interesting experience. Interesting as in “this is kind of weird”. My banjo teacher did ask me if I could get one of the dogs to sing along with me while I played. So, if you hear some howling and caterwauling, then you know what you have run into…

It was so chilly today that the cold put my banjo out of tune between leaving home and getting to my lesson. I decided walking longer in the cold would be better than freezing faster on my bike. Thank goodness I have my scarf. It is one that my mom started for me and didn’t finish. Becky reworked it and finished it and I am very grateful. Besides being a lovely multicolored rust scarf, I feel like I am loved when I wear it. It is my special scarf and I don’t just wear it anywhere.

Okay, back to work. I just had to try to get banjo “Silent Night” out of my head and into yours!

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