Pull out the jackets…

It is official. No more small dogs wandering through the park without their Husky purple jackets that are sized for the strange bodies of dachshunds. The boys are not really fans of their jackets because when I take them off, there is a lot of static electricity around their heads. But I am less of a fan of watching them shiver and shake and in this case to quote the title of Sinead O’Connor’s latest album “I am not bossy, I am the boss”.

I hope you all had good Thanksgivings. I was driving back through the polder this weekend from the north and did a lot of crying. There seems to be something about the wide open space and the very low speed limit (due to tractors and farm vehicles) that lends itself well to this kind of expression. The next seven weeks will be emotionally rough ones so you can expect some random posts. I am working on keeping myself busy enough with the right mix of things.

Friday is Sinterklaas. This is when kids get their presents and their shoe filled with candy as opposed to Christmas, which is more about food.I have been invited out for Sinterklaas to Joe and Tam’s. I think it is really kind of them and appreciate the invitation. It will be all their parents and grandparents. I have been instructed not to bring anything for the girls because they get enough stuff. It is quite a different perspective than piling things under the Christmas tree. Of course, I can’t go empty handed so maybe I will bring cake. Right, always good, sugar for children 😉 To be followed of course by a double espresso in their sippy cups! Yeah, that’s the way to make friends!

I was tempted to go to the movies tonight but then again, I am kind of cosy on the orange couch. And I am still doing work for tomorrow. I will have to make dinner shortly for the boys and heat up some split pea soup for myself. I didn’t feel like going grocery shopping today.

Oh, yes, and thanks for the messages 🙂 They helped. A lot.

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