When I got home this afternoon, I really had the urge to look up the next time Andre Rieu was performing in Maastricht. For those of you who are not rabid PBS watchers, during every pledge drive they have Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra (street name JSO) concert specials on. The one that draws in the most is the one from Maastricht where the concert is performed in a giant outdoor square. I think his Tuscany special is also popular, but I digress. Mom used to talk about wanting to see the fabulous AR and his JSO in the square in Maastricht. We did see him together in Seattle at Key Arena from the tenth row on the floor and I went there with her ashes when he played again. But Maastricht was always the goal.

Anyway, a little of bit of web surfing and the next thing you know, I am looking at the schedule for 2015. Fortunately, he will be playing in Maastricht this year. Guess on which date, among others? The 4th of July, her chosen birthday. Of course, I couldn’t ignore that! This year, I’ll be taking my little memento heart with Mom’s ash to Maastricht.

Considering that this Friday will be two years, I needed a little pick me up this week. I already took Friday off work because there just isn’t any way I want to deal with that stuff in the workplace. And when I say I took Friday off, I mean I also actually cancelled all my meetings. Sometimes I put in for a vacation day and I still do a conference call or two. I know, it is a filthy habit.

Super windy weather over the past few days which suits my mood but not necessarily the boys. They really dislike having the wind whistle in their ears!

I broke my thumbnail right down into the meat of my thumb so banjo is not happening for a few days. I suppose it would be really tough if I said “I played my banjo til my fingers bled”. I guess I am just not that dedicated 😉

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