Someone else’s teeth

Well, that is what it feels like anyway! I went to the dentist today because after my initial visit last week, she was concerned about the serious wear and tear I have on my molars. I have been grinding my teeth since I was in high school and apparently, I do it pretty consistently. So consistently that I have worn my way through three industrial strength night guards. So today the effort was made to fill in some of that wear and tear and give me a whole new platform to grind through 😉 okay, well maybe not the second part! I didn’t get any anesthesia. They don’t freely give shots out for things like that here. 75 minutes later, I can totally relax my jaw and don’t feel like I constantly have to keep it clenched. Wowsers! I had forgotten what that could feel like!

I go back tomorrow but that is for the second half of the cleaning. And then next month, they want to see me to talk about the tooth that was built up when I got my karate belt tangled in my bicycle wheel and flew over the handlebars. I think I am pretty lucky to have found a very good dentist. Actually, it wasn’t luck. Anna, who was my relocation person, recommended her because she knows one of her sisters. And Saturday my dentist was in the paper, they mentioned her and her practice. So, I think I am in good hands.

I took tomorrow off from work because it is the 16th. I will go up to Marum in the morning with the boys and see if they can’t run wild in the pasture next to the cemetery. Tomorrow night, Marianne and I are having dinner at Frankendael. Which seems fitting because we were introduced to Frankendael by Marianne. There is also a gypsy music festival, Django Amsterdam, tomorrow and Saturday. I think I will go there too and think of my mom dancing and causing trouble.

It is about time to make the boys dinner. Actually, I am ten minutes overdue and George knows this because he is sitting next to me with his front paws placed just next to the keyboard. A very gentlemanly way of saying “HEY LADY, I’m starvin’ over here”.

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