Quarter to five in the morning

So, here we are again. Wide awake. Little Denzel just looked at me as if to say “What is wrong with you?” It helps that I fell asleep finally around 9pm yesterday – big Saturday night for me clearly! I am wide awake now, armed with a strong cup of Nespresso and in the same predicament as yesterday, that everything is still closed!

I have big plans for today. I am going to get a real pedicure, pick up a new e-reader and stock up on things from Target or as we like to say “Tar-jay”. Tonight I am going to dinner at the house of a family that is lots of fun and practices Agile methodologies in their family life. Which is the ultimate blending between work and home for a process nerd, which David definitely is. Their family is so much fun, they are all super sharp witted so it is Zinger Central. I am also going to walk Lincoln Park and visit my favorite coffee shop – that’s the regular kind of coffee shop, not the Amsterdam kind of “coffeeshop” to be clear!

Yesterday, Denzel and I were exceptionally productive. I got everything done on my Saturday list and then some and he got to ride in style in the rental car. And last night I went to bikram yoga with Jan and Kerrie. It was like old times, me ignoring Jan when she tries to make you giggle, falling out of various poses and then walking from the studio soaked in sweat and chatting away. It was the first time in more than a year that I had practiced bikram. It made me realize that every now and again is okay but I really like being on the bike better. It did give me the benefit of falling asleep, wrung out, so to speak!

West Seattle has changed a lot since I was last here. The big 8 story buildings have gone up on the Junction and they look terribly out of place and change the entire welcoming character of the Junction. Now they make everything look lopsided. They keep building them and I think that in a couple of years, it will look very different. It was always busy before and now it is super busy and with everybody in cars, that doesn’t help either. People in Seattle don’t give up having cars because they live in an apartment. That is wishful thinking of the politicians. The Farmers Market is this morning and I would like to go but I am afraid it will be so changed that I will have trouble remembering it the way it was. They start at 10 so if I am there on the dot, it will be okay. Of course, that is five hours from now. I would like to get some tulips and they are the best place to get them.

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