Now serving Small Dog coffee

Home again. We just took a walk through our park so the boys could get their ya-yas out. I landed this morning early with very little sleep and promptly forgot to get my change from the taxi driver. It was a very expensive trip home!

I had to come to a painful realization in the past 48 hours. I am now someone who needs to purchase a grown up sized suitcase. It has always been one of my strong points that I can pack really well. And as someone who spent years loading airplanes with other people’s baggage, I was firmly in the “Carry-On baggage” only camp. Accordingly, all my luggage that I have every purchased for myself, my mom or anyone else is carry-on approved size.

During this trip of the Tortilla Express, it was pointed out to me that I really need a bigger suitcase. Wow, that was confronting! It is true though. When I travel back to the US, I always have luggage to check. Granted, leaving here it is usually pretty empty. But going back, between the cans of refried beans, dog treats and the packs of tortillas, it is time to grow up. My next luggage purchase will be one that can only be checked in and not carried on. I think I might need some time to mentally prepare myself. It is almost like turning 40 or some other major life milestone.

In case you are wondering, from landing to exiting the airport and waiting for my pre-arranged taxi, the process took 25 minutes. And that included customs and passport control, bathroom stop and picking up my two checked suitcases (to accompany my two carry-on). That’s what I call a highly effective arrival 😉

Apparently, while I was gone, the pets were a dream. The boys only had two accidents in the house. It reminds me of my mom always asking us why we could behave at someone’s else’s house but not at home?

Tomorrow it is back to work and into the routine including a banjo lesson, which means I should practice tonight.

Thank you for being part of my week and if I didn’t see you this time then know it is because I didn’t allocate enough time to the joyful things and I will be working on that before my next visit.

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