Savor Flamenco

That’s the name of the Gipsy Kings album that I am playing right now. It is a new one to me so hurrah! The boys are tucked into their car seat, next to my desk. Really, there’s room for 1.5 small dogs in there, not two but they somehow manage to make it work.

It's a rough life around these parts...
It’s a rough life around these parts…

I have tried to stop reading English books since I wrote last. Which seems to mean that I end up speaking more English instead. It has been a busy week in terms of finding social energy. Last night, there was a nerd dinner for approximately 35 people. They had chosen a restaurant in my neighborhood which was great in terms of travel time. It was a buffet place, the easiest way to feed 35 people. There aren’t many buffet places here. I can say that it wasn’t really delicious food. That’s okay because I was too busy circulating and working on interesting people in my plans for community building in Africa.

Tomorrow there’s another work related event with around 100 people. Hopefully, I won’t have to talk to every one of them individually but I have a list of 15 “must talk to” names. It is an all day event, complete with presentations and theme tables at the lunch. I think I better take a supplement of social energy! I am kind of tired just thinking about it 😉

Shortly, I am going to head out the door and sit on a terrace. It is sunny and about 55, not exactly heat wave weather but good enough for short sleeves! Yesterday I was walking around in search of my fresh nose and ran into some people that I knew and promptly we found a terrace and spent the next 90 minutes enjoying the sun and conversation.

Last night after the nerd dinner, I went out with Marjo. It is always nice to meet someone who can drop knowledge on you in areas you know nothing about. Last night I learned all about the process of how bacteria is cultured on burn victim’s skin and where the samples come from, etc. I was relieved to hear that there is no animal testing involved. We traded many book tips especially since I now am only supposed to be reading Dutch. Turns out both of our families have roots in Indonesia.

For the banjo, I now have Goodnight Ladies memorized! I can actually play it out of my head and it sounds like a song!!! I think the neighbors are delighted that all those weeks of fractured chords and rolls are finally paying off. I have a second song also memorized. It is the classic “Bile dem cabbage down”. You might have missed it on the Billboard Top 100.

On Monday, I get to vote. I only get to vote for members of the Water Council but since Water Management is kind of an important topic for a country that is mostly below sea level, there is a list of about 100 candidates. I need to do some research on their positions and pick my 7. I don’t get to vote for the regional representatives yet. That comes with the next election when I will have been 3 years in Amsterdam. After 3 years, you are allowed to vote in local elections, even if you are not a citizen because you live in the city itself and presumably are affected by who is in charge. It is kind of exciting 🙂 It makes me feel like part of society rather than just as an ex-pat.

Off I go, the terrace is calling my name 🙂

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