Hank Williams III

Someone today asked me if I had listened to Hank Williams III ever. I hadn’t and boy, what have I been missing! I am listening to him now and I can’t believe I have gone all these years without this music. There is a t-shirt that I really want that has the slogan on it “Banjo is the new Punk Rock” and this music is the perfect example of it.This is definitely getting loaded into my music collection!

Yesterday was gorgeous, 60 degrees and clear blue sky. I missed out since I was in an all day meeting that was being held in the old sugar factory in Zwanenberg. It was cold and dark inside, in clear contrast to the gorgeous weather outside. I have made considerable strides in my ability to meditate. Yesterday we had a meditation activity and I was so deep in my head, I fell asleep sitting straight up sitting at the table for ten minutes or so. No one at the table knew me so that was extra embarrassing. Half of them wanted to wake me up and the other half were against it. So, not only am I the unfashionable American, now I am also the sleeps anywhere unfashionable American 😉

In contrast, today it is misty and chilly. Luckily, there is sunshine forecast for this weekend in Switzerland so I am looking forward to busting out my 10 euro sunglasses and playing tourist. I got them at the HEMA on Saturday. The HEMA is like Target but better. You can always find things at the HEMA that you had absolutely no idea you wanted, let alone needed. I believe in the theory that the more expensive your sunglasses, the quicker you will lose them. When I saw the big movie star style tortoiseshell sunglasses for a mere 10 euro, I knew I had to have them. If my theory holds true, I will probably still have them in three years! Of course, if I don’t have to wear them because there isn’t any sunny weather, they will last even longer!

I am excited to be going to Switzerland. Perhaps one day I will be ready to ski the Alps, maybe next winter. I am not there yet so I will look at this as an acclimatization step. I am planning to rent a bike while I am there. I have looked up the vegetarian places and that’s as much preparation as I am going to do.

The boys are asleep in their car seat next to my desk and they are so cute. I can hear them snoring so they are really out. I am so grateful that I have them. The cats as well. I read something today that “happiness is something we create within ourselves”. Interestingly enough, it was a book on the art of negotiation. I turned that thought around a bit in my head and I realized that I can agree with it. Which just might explain why I might be more aware of things that make me happy. It can be a strangely liberating way to look at the world. Don’t worry about busting out the love beads and patchouli just yet 😉 check back in with me in a few years.

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