Four days free

Yes, indeed! For the Easter holiday, I have four days off. Starting today and through Tuesday. It is a nice little mini break in the midst of a very busy period. I intend to enjoy all four days of it, whether that means doing nothing other than reading or treating myself to important things like a massage later this afternoon!

I had a long talk with Meredith and Rupert last night. They are back from Mexico and readjusting to the Chicago chill. I am looking so forward to seeing them in June. I know the time will pass quickly and before I know it, I will be running late for the airport!

We started today on a leisurely note. George managed to sleep in until 9AM which means the rest of us got to as well! After breakfast and reading the paper cover to cover, my brain is reasonably awake and in a fit state to type. The boys are in their nest here in the office so they can supervise the street.

Yesterday I finally dropped off my raw onion coat at the dry cleaners. They will try their best but olive oil is particularly difficult to get out of clothing. I also took my other winter coats. This is a sign of optimism of course. If I have them cleaned, I won’t need them again this year because spring is here. It doesn’t quite seem to work that way since last night I still needed mittens to go out and a hat to keep my noggin warm.

I think today I will take a walk over to the Albert Cuyp market and just meander about and see what is new for Easter. You never know what you might find there. Then maybe get a falafel for lunch from Sonny’s. Which has the best falafel and fries in Amsterdam in my opinion.

After all, I have nothing to do today except enjoy it 🙂

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