April showers bring…

the hope that spring is truly on the way? Or that the time is soon coming that I can put all our jackets away until fall? Or that the time is fast approaching that sunblock becomes a daily thing again? Today they mostly bring grey clouds and this sense of anticipation, will it rain or will it not? And should I drive to Utrecht for my meeting or take the train?

Seriously, I know, not exactly the questions for the ages. Just came back from the druggist. George’s pills are still not in and we ran out yesterday. I ordered them more than a week ago, knowing that Easter would disrupt the delivery process. Now they say they will definitely have them tomorrow morning. We made do on one pill for Sunday and Monday but now we are completely out. George is more disappointed that he hasn’t gotten his spoon full of Greek yoghurt this morning (which I always put his pill into) than anything else.

Back to work today, the long weekend is over. Actually, I did start doing some work yesterday already since the US was working and three days off was good enough for me. Between now and the end of May, there are at least three more long weekends. I could get used to this 😉

Coming out of the woods on Sunday, Henry couldn’t walk. Which, of course, sent me into panic mode because it was Sunday and Easter and where was I going to find a vet? I carried him all the way home – which made me realize I am lucky he is a dachshund and not an Akita. He still couldn’t walk when we got home. I had to carry him against my shoulder like he was a baby and his paw just kept flopping. All of the worst cases were running through my mind: cancer, paralysis, nerve damage, stroke and so on. I got him home and put him on the sofa where he just proceeded to flop around. Luckily, he let me look at his paws without biting and guess what I found? Buried deep in his little foot was an inch long thorn. Buried all the way to the hilt. I pulled it out in one piece and after 15 minutes, he was back to walking. What a relief! I have saved it because it is truly creepy to look at.

I spent most of the weekend playing music, hanging out with people, reading and doing my best to recharge my battery. Of course, in between, I also cleaned the terrace, did all the chores and walked alot with the dogs. To finish up the long weekend, I went out to dinner last night and much to the dismay of my dining companion, they no longer offered the cheese plank as dessert.

Ah, and I also made an enormous quanity of Orange Blossom Iced Tea like they serve at Dub Sea. I only drink a small glass at a time – having one now actually. It is my favorite iced tea EVER. And it reminds me of the people at Dub Sea 🙂

We’re organizing a siblings pizza and irritation session for June when I go to Chicago. It promises to be entertaining, especially since Dylan is probably still not eating carbs which makes him much more irritating 😉 and after he eats two pieces of pizza, he has to lie down on the floor because he literally cannot move. You know, then we take full advantage and offer all kinds of helpful advice, like we could step on his stomach to make him digest faster, order another pizza so he can build up his carb immunity, etc. You know, the kind of things that show that siblings care!

Well, I suppose I should get back to my work day. Luckily, my presentation for Utrecht is ready to go and now I just need to get myself ready. I  am thinking that my yoga pants are not quite the definition of professional attire that I wish they were!

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