Monday morning and I just saw the video from Hillary, announcing her candidacy. Can I just tell you how great it is to watch? I think of how excited my mom would be to see it as well. I was so disappointed last time with the nomination. I have to dig up my Hillary for President t-shirt.

So nice to see a message delivered without the gloom and doom and fear mongering. I am sure as it gets closer to the election, the US political scene will once again turn into a group of poorly behaving adults and their strategists.

My brother, Cedric, called me yesterday. We talked about important and not so important things. We don’t talk often enough and that’s both of our faults. The good news is that he is going to try to make it here this year. I will be glad to have that happen since he is the only one of my brothers that hasn’t been back since we had Mom’s memorial service. Maybe I will get to see him in Chicago too when I invade Rupert and Meredith’s peace and quiet!

The terrace is in order! Saturday afternoon, between rain spells, I put it to rights and cleaned it all up and brought the plants back into line. My tulips are all blooming and just gloriously beautiful. I will be sorry when they are done. If it were possible, I would like to have tulips growing the whole year.

I saw the movie “Still Alice” over the weekend. To say I enjoyed it isn’t the right word because I think of enjoyed as more of a happy word. Perhaps it is more accurate to say I thought Julianne Moore was incredible and I was left thinking about the subject and what it would be like long after the end credits played.

The boys went to the doggie salon on Friday and got their Spring arrangement. They look so very dashing – partly because we haven’t been to the park yet so they couldn’t roll all the cleanliness off. Instead we have done alot of walking on the leash and sitting in the sun on grassy spots. Henry is all about the leisurely sunning in the grass. Today they will go out with their dog group so I am sure the first thing they will do in the woods is roll in something disgusting.

Over the weekend, I have realized that I am a pretty great friend. I mean that from the perspective that friendship means accepting people as they are and recognizing that even if it makes you nuts, there are times that you have to listen to the same concerns over and over again. I can’t tell you how many times this weekend I have used the phrase “Channel your inner Donna Summer please because I am hearing a whole lot of Kylie Minogue coming out of you”. Meaning, of course, that your own inner disco diva can give you alot more confidence than a bubble gum popstar. Friends should be able to do that for each other and certainly have honesty between them so those things can be said. I know that for me I feel very strongly that honesty is important in a friendship. I don’t think the type of friendships that exist without it are right for me. Which is a relief because I like to think that everyone that remains in my life now is honest.

In addition to doing alot of thinking lately (so that I sleep better), I have been making and drinking quarts of ice tea. You could make the argument that it is not yet warm enough but if I don’t start with the tea, the weather will never get warm enough! Like when I was walking the dogs on Saturday in shorts and a t-shirt. It was not really warm enough to do so and my mental images of warm weather weren’t keeping me warm either 😉

Okay, I have procrastinated enough, time to go to work…

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