I won’t be alone tonight

I am still singing along to the incredible Melissa Etheridge concert last night! It was just her and her 9 guitars in the Tivoli Vredenburg, in a concert room that holds 2000 people. It was by far and away the best way to see her ever and I shall be quite spoiled now and find bigger concerts lacking. Perhaps I can show you!

Such a great show!
Yep, that close to her!

See what I mean? It was 2 and a half hours of ROCK GODDESS! It was a good thing that on the way home from Utrecht, we found ourselves in a Stilte (silence) car because I think I needed some time to process and absorb all the incredible feelings from the performance. And I learned that Marjo has difficulty in the Stilte car which I will file away for future reference.

Listening to some of the songs last night and the observations she shared with the audience got me thinking. Well, so did the crowd demographic of what looked like most happy couples. I realized that at some point, if I ever want to be one of those happy couples, I am going to have to listen to both Marianne and Marjo and dip my toes into the dating pool. This doesn’t precisely thrill me since it has been a very long time since I needed to do that. I can only hope that it comes with complimentary swim floats. I’ve spent alot of years of one-sided waiting. In retrospect, I can put on the proverbial boots and kick my own ass for being blind and blindly optimistic. Or I can go Zen and recognize that the choices I made at the time taught me an awful lot about my own capacity and needs in a partner. I think I will probably end up somewhere in between, depending on the day of the week and the amount of sunlight available! We’ll see how this goes, now that I have admitted that I need to take some action if I want to get to that state where there is someone else to take the dogs out in the morning 😉

Speaking of the dogs, George is in a mood today! He’s got his troublemaking trousers on for sure. I nearly fell over him this morning and broke us both when he was so underfoot trying to convince me to feed him an early breakfast when I was trying to get everything organized. And then I discovered that he peed against my purple chair from Mom. Oh, and then there were the remnants of the aluminum container that their dog food comes in, shredded in bits all over the couch and in their blankets. So now I have to worry about George recycling his own food containers through his digestive system. See what I mean? Of course, now they are curled up here in the office like angels.

I have a banjo lesson this morning and then off to the office. And tonight, we have a customer facing event over in Amsterdam Noord so I will be riding my bike to the ferry and taking the 5 minute crossing over the river IJ. Even though it is only 5 minutes, it feels like going somewhere far away. And I have to remember to get stamps to mail my property tax payment back to Seattle today. Tomorrow it is off to the Hague and I forget where I have to be on Friday. In other words, business as usual 😉

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