Food coma…

I am having a wonderful nerdette birthday. I am sitting here on the big orange couch, secured by the dogs and installing the new Windows 10 preview on my tablet. While digesting a supremely delicious dinner from Betty’s. Of all the vegetarian restaurants I have been to in my life, Betty’s ranks high up there on the list, along with Sutra in Seattle. I couldn’t eat all of my dessert, so it is happily sitting in the fridge waiting for tomorrow morning’s breakfast.

Busy day today. I thought I could get away with no one knowing it was my birthday. Especially since I didn’t bring cake to work like you are supposed to you on your birthday. During my second meeting of the day, the partner outed me to everyone else in the meeting. Which then of course lead to the questions from colleagues as to why didn’t I tell anyone? I ended up mumbling my lack of cake story. How awkward. It just goes to show you that if I think about doing something not quite upright, I get an instant punishment, as my mom would say.

Lots of text messages and some phone calls today which was really nice. It looks like my dad has discovered the emoticon pages on WhatsApp 😉 And of course, I still have my mom’s voicemail message for my birthday in 2009. Which I just listened to again. The boys were really surprised to hear her voice.

Tomorrow it is back to the dentist for a replacement crown. I was there today for a cleaning. Yeah, you can say I sure know how to schedule fun ways to celebrate birthdays. Good thing I am not a party planner 😉

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