Trips to the dentist

I have an incredible dentist. I have a competency crush on Dr. Jesse. By that I mean that I am so in awe of her amazing skills  that I want to grow up to have that same sort of confidence and steady hand. And I am not the only one that is impressed by her. I sent Marianne to her as well.

Today it was taking off the old crown and making molds for the new one. I have to say that during the hour that I was in the chair, I managed to keep breathing through my nose and not wiggle like a spastic disco dancer to get away from the noise of the drill. I only needed one shot which was nice. It is always so awkward when half of your face is numb afterwards and you try to function like nothing is wrong.

She asked me if I had Indonesian blood today. She said that my eye color is common in people who have Indonesian blood. I think we (the boys, Joanne and Sjoerd) are 1/16th if I remember Joanne’s math. However, since fractions and measurements have always been a weak point for me, I could be a fraction off. If Oma was half, mom was a quarter. Wait, that makes us an 1/8th. See what I just said about measurements…

Birthday card from my dad in the mail today, complete with stickers on it. Always nice to be surprised. As I have written before, Mom was my source of cards and I miss that alot. So any cards that come now are a bonus. Henry says the pets planned to get me a card but George convinced them to pool their allowance in the slot machine so they could buy a really big card and gift. Unfortunately, the slot machine won as usually is the case.

I’ve just finished with my last conference call for the day. It is time to make the boys their dinner. After my super excellent dinner last night, I am still not very hungry. Although I did eat the cake this afternoon as a sort of delayed breakfast. Tomorrow it is on the bike to work.

We have a long weekend again, due to WhitSunday. I have no idea which one that is but it is a extra day off so I am happy to observe it 😉

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