Gearing up for the social

Tomorrow I am off to Den Haag for a two day festival of tech. What this means is that I am really doing booth bunny duty and answering questions, passing out business cards, mangling sentences in Dutch and English and generally channeling a great deal of extrovert for a purpose energy.

In light of that, it seemed like a good idea to ride to work today and try to build up the necessary energy for tomorrow. I had a beautiful day for a bike commute, with only a light headwind and no rain. The airplanes were landing in the same direction that I was cycling so I had the steady soundtrack of jet engines. I cheerfully admit that I can sit on a bench in the woods and just watch the planes come in. The big meadow is directly in their flight path and it is fantastic to watch. I often stop on the way home for ten minutes or so and just get my airplane on. If I stopped there on the way to work, I would probably not end up making it all the way to the office.

Then Saturday is the birthday party. Marianne’s real birthday is today but we are having our joint party on Saturday. I had invited a few people and taking the lazy woman’s way out, I just used their address that autocompleted in my email. Which turns out to be their work email and they would prefer to not receive anything not work there. I have made a note of that in the future for issuing invitations. Three of my coworkers are coming, my favorite ones, so I am delighted. And Marianne should be delighted that I invited people 😉 I haven’t heard definitively back from the cousins yet so I am not sure if I should expect them. I don’t want to recycle my Trijntje outfit from last week’s party so I will have to think of something new.

Henry ran away in the park on Monday. George couldn’t find him and I went through the park asking people if they had seen a small brown and white dog. No one had. Turns out, Henry nearly left the park, he went all the way to the street. I only know this because he finally decided to return and a young Polish couple called out “is that Henry?” and I turned around to see him running as fast as he could all the way from the park entrance. Mhmm. And last night at 4am, he jumped out of bed which is very bad for his back. I am thinking that Henry is pushing his luck right now. Like he knows it will be a 1400km trip to Italy and he is trying to ensure he doesn’t get to go. Too bad I know that trick. At least we will be stopping overnight instead of driving straight through.

Early night for me, I have to be on the 630 train tomorrow so I am going to say goodnight for now.

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