Patterns and Practices

Do you ever have the feeling that you want to call someone and share a story with them? Sometimes it is a WTF moment or perhaps that something so incredible happened? With these sort of things, you automatically reach for the phone to call. And then it strikes you that they are not going to answer because they are not there anymore, for whatever reason that may be. I have had a couple of moments like that over the past few days.

Speaking of patterns, I learned something about cows this morning. I was on the train to Den Haag and we were delayed because of a brake issue, the train couldn’t go faster than 80km per hour. Not a big deal for me since I was taking a nap. We were stopped near a farm and I was watching the cows come out of the milking barn. Do you know that they know precisely which meadow to go to that has an open gate? They were completely unattended and just walking about 50 meters apart towards the last meadow, which was the one that had the gate open. I was fascinated by this and I was hoping the train would stay a bit longer. The thing is, they had about 6 meadows to choose from. And they were only heading towards the one with the open gate, even the ones way in the back that were just leaving the barn. I need to learn some more about large animals!

Speaking of large animals, Dylan arrived at Schiphol this morning for a stopover on his way to Prague, Stockholm and Copenhagen. His flight arrived at 615 AM so I decided to transfer trains at Schiphol so we could have coffee in the Arrivals hall. And of course, to pick up the tortillas for the boys since neither of my two efforts so far at making my own have resulted in a success. I will see him again on his way back. Heh, he didn’t go for Starbucks this time so that’s a BIG step in the right direction of going to small and intense coffees.

Yesterday was a long day of booth bunny duty. By the time I got home last night, I could barely even talk to the dogs in complete sentences. Reading the paper was even beyond me, I was DutchedOut! Today has been intense as well, with more questions and more conversations. I am trying to drink less coffee today so I don’t trip over my words so quickly. I think yesterday I had around 10 cups.

I do like coming to Den Haag. It is a beautiful city and I plan to explore it some more. And who wouldn’t want to visit something called the Prison Gate Museum? And it is a real museum, meaning they take the museum year card as opposed to those Madame Tussaud’s style Torture Museums that seem to be in every big European city. On that note, back to booth bunny duty!

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