hello from upstairs…

I am having a very Austin Powers moment sitting here on the upper deck of a 747. I always wanted to do this. I feel like running around and saying “Shagadelic” ! And dancing to funky music. In the interest of my fellow passengers, I will refrain. Last thing I need is to get in trouble and be a candidate for the Darwin Awards.

I snuck out of the house, hoping the pets were too occupied with their bribes to notice me. I will see them again in a week and they will be okay while I am gone.

The open house was a disappointment, especially for the price. The garden was lovely but the house itself needed a ton of work and the master bedroom was only 2 meters wide. Yep, roughly 6 feet wide. So, on to the next. Bummer because it was right around the corner from where we live now.

Time for us to fly… Yeah, baby, yeah!

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