Happy to be here

Working my way into being far more relaxed. I can say that for the past two nights, I have slept really well. No waking up countless times, a bed to myself and getting up with the light from outside. Okay, so I wake up at home with daylight too. I am not sure what it is, I think perhaps just the sense of comfort that comes from being with Rupert and Meredith.

Cedric arrives today. I am really looking forward to seeing him since it has been almost a year.

Last night I finally saw the classic movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. I had never seen it before and it was showing outside in the park. We went over there about dusk and watched from the steps of the Chicago Museum. I have to get the soundtrack, so many great 80s songs.

We had originally planned to see Mumford & Sons at Montrose Beach last night but the rain postponed the concert until Friday night. This will be great since i would have missed them at home since they were playing the same night as Andre Rieu. What fun to discover that Rupert and Meredith also have an appreciation for the banjo 😉

I brought my banjo board with me. Basically a banjo head without a neck so I can keep increasing my picking speed while not making any noise. It is very useful and only looks slightly weird. I think the same sentence could be used to describe me 😉

Tomorrow night, we have a family dinner with our Aunt Sharon and her daughter and son in law. We are eating before the senior rush, at 5pm! It will be good to see my Aunt again. She’s an interesting woman. She is always very happy to see us which seems hard to believe when I think of what a bunch of hard headed siblings we are. Eigenwijs is the Dutch word for it. Literally you own wisdom. Henry is very eigenwijs!

I miss the pets. However, they are all doing fine per Nikah. 80 degrees today and 100% humidity so it is probably a good thing that they are not here.

Meredith and I are off to get our feet glamourized!

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