Wow, I just read the news tonight. Pretty big decisions from the Supreme Court. On one hand, I am excited by the rulings on both on healthcare for everyone and marriage for everyone whether you are hetero, homo or somewhere in between. Maybe the US is finally moving forward when it comes to real equality for everyone, not just those who can buy it.

In between the pride in the decisions today there is mixed the disappointment that with the next administration, there will probably be more attempts to just turn all of these things over again, that it took so many years for this finally to be decided on by the Supreme Court and the disbelief that it took so long for a nation that touts it’s horn about equality and freedom to get to these rulings. I think this is a result of a two party political system. It remains too easy to polarize people against each other, politicians and others don’t have to work together because there is an “us vs them” mindset. In a multiparty system, groups have to work together to form consensus.

I am glad that these decisions have come to life. The Netherlands was the first country to expand marriage to same sex couples. All the way back in 2001. Guess what? The world and Dutch society did not come to a burning halt or fall into the sea. I hope that sort of common sense is also found in the weeks to come in the US instead of people freaking out and turning on each other, whipped up by inflammatory political campaigns and slogans. I have seen that one Republican presidential would be is already calling for an amendment to the US Constitution in order to override the decision… and so it continues.

As for me, it has been a busy couple of days between unpacking suitcases, trying to get the cats to like me again, finishing out the work year, looking at houses and catching up with a week’s worth of missed people. I cut the trees back tonight that were coming over the fence and repaired the top rails. I also decided that in my next garden, I wouldn’t have terrace stone with all the baby rocks in it, I would have smooth stone – much easier to sweep clean. The vegetables are growing quite well. The plants anyway. I am not sure if I will see any vegetables themselves. Actually, in my next garden I am also going to have grass. It doesn’t have to be alot of grass, it can be like a Zen size corner. Just enough to say it is there.

I looked at a really great house this week but in the end decided not to make an offer. Two reasons – the design of the bathroom was backwards and if you used the shower the water would go straight out under the door into the hallway. I would have switched the shower and the bathtub but the contractor obviously had his own ideas. It also didn’t have a kitchen, you would still have to put one in and it had two offers already over the asking price which was already at the top of the market. I am not worried, I will find the right house. I am just glad I started looking now. If it gets to be too much, I can always move out of the city and into an old farm 😉 I can just see the dogs learning to herd sheep!

Tomorrow I am off to spend the day in Rotterdam with a born and bred Rotterdammer. Ageeth and her husband own my second living room and she invited me to spend the day in exploring Rotterdam with her when she heard I hadn’t ever been out of the train station or the Ahoy stadium. I am looking forward to it! Tomorrow night, I am going out with some people from a meetup so that should be an interesting experience… I hope interesting good.

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