Sunburns and steps

Yesterday I made it to 20,000 steps before switching to the bike. I am happy to report that the Fitbit did not blow up. It was a really sunny day yesterday and I forgot my sunscreen. So, I left Rotterdam with a pretty good sunburn. It was such a great day! We started our trip having coffee and cake with Ageeth’s parents and catching the metro from their house. Her pWarents are darling.I wanted to shrink them down and store them in my pockets like good luck charms!

We walked 13 kilometers yesterday. In that distance, we walked through the harbors, crossed the Willems bridge, past the Stadhuis and the few buildings that remain from pre bombardment Rotterdam. We had a wine on the terrace of the Hotel New York which is the old Holland America Line HQ. We took a water taxi to cross back over to the other side. We went to markets and photo galleries.It was a super day πŸ™‚

After getting home at 9pm and quickly feeding the dogs, it was off to a meetup. I was really nervous going there. I even parked my bike a block away so I could think about not going in. Eventually I kicked myself in the butt hard enough and went in. I am glad I did. It was super awkward at first. Of course it was! However, I did finally meet some interesting people and break through the early awkwardness. We ended up staying there until the bar closed. After that, it was on to another terrace until they closed. I got home at 5am because I ended up walking two people home across West since one was not able to ride her bike anymore and couldn’t even remember where she lived. By the time we had an address to work with and gotten there, the birds were already singing. Pedaling home through the city in the early morning was beautiful. However, I was so tired, I knew I wasn’t riding properly. I actually wanted to fall asleep on my bike.

Anyway, point being, I went to a meetup and I went to one of Amsterdam’s oldest bars for women. And I survived and didn’t cause any accidents πŸ˜‰ so that’s two important social milestones achieved yesterday.

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