Perfect weather

It really is, a little windy, a little sunny and every evening a quick rainshower. It also directly contributes to my staying up and out late! I mentioned that I was going to try the 10 PM bedtime this week. I managed it for three days but after that, I am afraid that my nocturnal side took over. The good news is that I can always try again.

This morning I am multitasking. The wash is running, the last load is drying outside, I am upgrading another computer, waiting patiently for Lientje to crawl out from under the bed so she can take her medicine and typing away. I managed to catch Moortje already and he’s had his two morning syringes. I look forward to the day that my cats just wake up, open their mouths and swallow the stuff. I don’t think that is likely to happen but it is good to remain optimistic.

I went out for dinner last night with the women from the meetup. There were more new people this time which always makes things interesting. We had a really good dinner with lots of garlic and small plates – not exactly the best recipe for social success and from there we met up with a larger group at Cafe Saarein in the Jordaan. I enjoyed it, the discussions were lively and it feels good to be able to hang out socially with people you don’t know or know well and there’s no pressure like one on one meetings. One of the women passed along this link. If you have ever wanted wondered if there is a difference between Holland and the Netherlands, here’s your chance to find out.

Around 1130, I decided to cycle back to my neighborhood and spent the last of my wine budget for the month sitting on my favorite terrace. Which only involved more good conversation and so it goes. It sounds so dramatic to say my wine budget, really it’s my dinner out/travel/wine/miscellaneous budget but wine budget is shorter 😉 Tonight I will meet up with Renee, who is back from Australia, and we will sit on the “beach” over in Oost (East). Renee is still our housesitter when I am gone and I am looking forward to hearing the stories about her travels.

We also have a trip to make to the park so the boys can get their sillies out. I think we will go in an hour or so. And then I am going to work on tidying up the garden. No one tells you that hortensias can get so messy and straggly. It turns out the my landlord will be returning to the Netherlands in August so we will definitely be moving. In the meantime, I will enjoy our little house and be open to the idea of what our next home will be like!

Here’s hoping your weekend is a good one 🙂

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