Busy busy busy

I am multi-tasking again, watching a digital training while checking in. I have had a week of meeting really interesting people and having conversations that have my brain popping with ideas. As of this week, I think I have ended up finding several new projects that will ultimately help empower women and other people that are normally outside of the work market. I like to do this stuff, it gives me a way to put my gratitude into practice.

Last night I also got a phone call from Marum. It was the archivist who had some information to tell me about my mom and her family. I am so appreciative! He send me some things last night, like the original house cards that show when the family came to Marum, etc. He’s also started asking people in their 80s if they will share any stories they have regarding our family with me.

Tonight it is off to Sjoerd and Marieke’s new house to celebrate their move. I have picked up some desserts from Tout and it looks like it will be a great evening to sit outside in their new garden and enjoy it.

I hope you are well 🙂

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