I am giving up on

the attempt to build the temporary closet that I found on Groupon about six weeks ago. I started to try it today, figuring I could whittle down several boxes full of clothes once it was finished. On a sidenote, you only borrow moving boxes here, you have to give them back. On Thursday they came for the first 40 but I still have a few more to go! Anyway, I am relatively handy with IKEA so I figured Groupon furniture could hardly be more difficult. Except it is. I have a single sheet diagram which is not very clear. More importantly, there are several parts missing. I imagine I have put them in other boxes just to get them out of the way. Which is frustrating and a perfect example of why this living out of boxes was getting old.

Irritating. I went to part of the living room that is my office and starting working there instead. It is amazing how many notebooks I have. Yet somehow I am always looking for paper. Well, I won’t need to do that anytime soon since I can now see them. As for my clothes? Well, sometime this week, probably on a day I go to the office, I will stop at IKEA and get a closet of sorts. Not a permanent one but one big enough to hold my clothes so I can get more boxes in the pile to be returned.

Pretty chilly today, under 40. The boys are wearing their vests when we go on walks. I figure if it is cold enough for me to need two layers then they could probably use one too. Henry appreciates this and has told me that he wishes Columbia would make their Omni Heat jackets for dogs.

I practiced my banjo. Tomorrow is Monday which means I start the week off right, with a banjo lesson. I am making the effort to practice more often so that eventually I can play music with other musicians instead of only dancing and singing along.

This year has flown by. In a little less than three weeks, I am off to Curacao for a week. I am excited for warm weather, snorkeling and living in a 50 sq meter beach bungalow. Most of all, I am looking forward to doing nothing and letting my batteries recharge before the holidays. I don’t have plans for this year, at least let me say I am not expecting any guests. However, the period through Christmas through mid January remains hard.  Hence filling up the emotional strength batteries in Curacao – well, that and the really good price of tickets 😉

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