Rain, rain, go away

Okay, it has stopped for all of five minutes. I know this because I can hear it coming down on the skylights. It is not decreasing in volume. We’ve reached a standoff, the boys absolutely do not want to go outside and I do not want them to go potty in the house. So, that means when the rain lets up just a smidgen, I have to push them outside and say very sternly “Go Potty Quick” and George just looks at me from outside and shivers and drops his head down like he’s the most mistreated dog in the world. If this rain keeps up, I might give up on unpacking and learn to build us a boat of sorts…

Yesterday, I nearly missed my banjo lesson because I got sidetracked by family tree hints. It turns out that my mother’s cousin died the same day she did. I thought that was so strange. I thought I was reading it wrong. My oma was one of six children. This was the child of her oldest brother. I just got sidetracked again, adding new bits to the family tree. Thanks again, Laura, for getting me hooked 😉

I did make it to banjo in the nick of time. It was a good lesson, despite the fact that I still can’t get “Oh, Susannah”quite right. She’s a tricky dame. I am going to try another approach, stop counting the notes in the bars and simply play them. However, it is easier said than done. Especially since certain bars are repeated so then I am really counting the notes. Which doesn’t make for the most effective playing.

I went to the office today and turns out, everyone else decided to Skype in. Tomorrow I am off to The Hague for a presentation. I am taking the train instead of driving. I think it is much better for Astrid to stay tucked into a warm garage instead of going out in the freezing rain and cold. And to combat the weather, we’ve discovered a new winter drink – a bit of Frangelico in hot chocolate – yum, yum.

I’m going to the Thanksgiving dinner at the American Book Center on Thursday. I have to bring a starter or a dessert to share. I am probably just going to buy something since I’ll be going from homework help directly to dinner. They have a veggie main dish. I think I am mostly going because it is a little lonely here on American holidays. And hey, if the food and company are not good, I can jump on my bike and go home. Or go in search of hot chocolate and Frangelico 😉

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