Hello from the tropics

This afternoon, yours truly landed at the Curacao airport. Nine and a half hours of flying from Amsterdam to land on a runway that runs right up next to the Atlantic Ocean.

Tonight, I am sitting on the porch of my little bungalow in 81 degree weather with a good breeze rustling through the palm trees next to me. I have to say, the warm weather does me good. It makes going to the airport this morning, freezing in my summer weight clothes well worth it πŸ™‚

I don’t have alot of plans for while I am here, other than to snorkel, snorkel and maybe snorkel some more. And if that gets too boring, I might try reading a book or two or just taking long naps in the shade. If I think back to where I was in terms of being able to enjoy vacations pre move to the Netherlands, I have come a long way! I actually landed here without even having the address of where I was staying. Which almost was a problem because the battery on my phone was nearly dead. The island is only 30 km so it is kind of hard to get in serious trouble.

It seems that I have a strong magnet for planes that have a starting destination of New Delhi and then go on to Amsterdam, where I get on and then on to their final destination. That was the case today and my regular SEA-AMS trip has the same starting point, New Delhi. I wonder if this means that at some point visiting New Delhi will be in my future? I guess it depends on when the email comes in from KLM with the most amazing deals of the month. That’s how I ended up here πŸ˜‰ Transportation related marketing emails seem to lure me in.

Landing in Curacao made me think of the times my Mom and I would land in Mexico, the outdoor airports. I am missing her alot this month and in part because we had that escape Christmas mindset by taking a trip to somewhere else in December. I think I might just end up snorkeling with the dolphins too. She and I did it with sea lions and it is one of my favorite memories of how unwilling to act her age she embodied.Β  We did alot of interesting travelling the last few years she was alive and I am so glad we did. We didn’t make it to the Galapagos but maybe I will next year.

My flight was really good. KLM makes flying fun. Or maybe I just let myself have fun. I got another of the KLM houses that you get when you travel with them. Unfortunately, they didn’t have number 85 which the one from Curacao. Maybe on the way home. I have a little collection of them now. There’s 100.

I am glad I am not staying at one of the enormous resorts. I think that would be really distracting. I would feel like I needed to do all of the activities and talk to people. I am staying in a little compound of 8 bungalows so there promises to be plenty of chill out time. There is a five hour time difference with Amsterdam so I am trying to stay awake until 11pm local time so tomorrow just begins properly. In this kind of weather, I think I could easily sit outside all night.

Judging from the photo I got earlier, the boys aren’t missing me too much since they were sitting right up next to the housesitter. They have a dog here, he looks like George but quite a bit taller and heavier. He’s a real sized dog πŸ˜‰ We already became friends so I don’t have to go through complete pet withdrawal!

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