Tuesday morning

It is time to be productive. Actually, I am taking a break to eat my breakfast (second to the last of the everything bagels that I brought back from the US in July) and thinking about how I want to focus the rest of my day.

Yesterday was busy! I had an incredible banjo lesson, played until I had deep grooves in my finger tips. Technically that means I am still not playing enough 😉 Real banjo players have callused fingertips apparently. Starting in two weeks, I will also go to Paul for written Dutch lessons. Not at the same time as my banjo lesson since that would be taking away my budding skills at just playing music via a flow.

No time to go home so with the banjo strapped to my back, it was off to the office. Then to the dentist and then to the grocery store and eventually, back home. The banjo case is not aerodynamic so on the bike, it isn’t a great help for acceleration.

Then to the gym and a late yoga class last night. Before you know, it is midnight. I could say it is due to the wheatgrass juice but I just realized I forgot again to drink it this morning before having anything else. Oh, well, I will try again tomorrow.

The True Colors party on Sunday night was fantastic! It is party celebrating all of the work that the various LGBTQ organizations are doing throughout the Netherlands. I went with a group from the meetup. Amidst the 2000 people there, the woman from earlier this month (hereafter known as The Date or TD) found me on the dance floor. We had a great time dancing and I met some of her coworkers. I was reminded again of how much I like her and being around her. 🙂

In last night’s paper, the headlines announced that Amsterdam is beginning immediately with lessons on LGBQT and women’s rights in the refugee centers within the city. I was so proud to read this. It is an affirmation that Amsterdam takes these rights seriously and people who are going to live here and be part of the social fabric need to understand this.

Thursday night, it is Henry Rollins doing spoken word at Paradiso. I haven’t seen him live in two years or so. I am looking forward to it. I had an extra ticket so I invited someone I met last week. We have similar music taste so she said yes! I would have been happy to see Henry on my own yet it will be nice to go with someone else.

You might say that I am as the Dutch say, goed bezig (good busy) 🙂

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