The 5th string is for evil…

I found a little banjo humour on the internet. I can really relate to the message… it is a drawing of an angry looking banjo with the phrase “the 5th string is for evil” as opposed to 4 string banjos 🙂 I think I might like to have that on a t-shirt! I shared it with Paul today during my lesson.

Speaking of evil, it has been a wild week. The wind is especially strong today which is suiting my mood. It feels like I am all over the place. Not in a bad way rather being tossed back and forth between circumstances, memories and choices. Perhaps this is also being influenced by a book I was finally able to get from the library, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-up. I had gotten as a gift on Amazon but they wouldn’t let me have it because to them I am in the US and for whatever reason, ebooks are not worldwide *rolling my eyes*

So, last week, I ran the gamut from some leftover Seattle stuff, really shocking work moves from a former manager, really good conversation and direction from the new and to Henry Rollins at the Paradiso. Oh, yeah, and in between there somewhere, I managed to make some progress with TD – which took nearly all of my patience and meet some more new people. Looking at in paragraph form, it doesn’t seem so intense, more like it should be a normal thing. In regards to emotions, it definitely was not. I was doing alot of the Wonder Woman pose and putting lavender oil under my nose last week.

Curious about the Wonder Woman pose? If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you check it out. It works for me and not just because I crave the cool wristbands… Wonder Woman If you are expecting me for an intense conversation or meeting and you don’t see me right away, you can imagine what I am doing 🙂

George ate some nylon socks over the weekend because he just doesn’t get regular meals around here. That meant that yesterday he had the worst gut noises. We spent a good hour in the rain trying to find the right grass for him to eat and self medicate. Apparently it worked because this morning he was bouncing off the ceiling as usual to make sure I would get up and appreciate how terribly hungry he really is… Henry was of the opinion that he shouldn’t have to spend time in the rain just because his brother is weird enough to eat socks. I had to remind Henry that family sticks together, even in the weird moments. Ironically enough, they have a vet appointment in the morning for their checkup. I am taking the cats on Friday because all four at once was too much to handle.

We’ll see how this week plays out. Next week I am off to Madrid for a few days for a work meeting. I know, I have such a difficult life 🙂

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